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2023 Patriots Roster- The Final 15, Part Dos-Offense

Part Dos brings you the "why they are locks" part. Just going in, I did a deep dive on the Bill O'Brien Offense at Alabama last year, while pairing skillsets to what I saw.

QB (2)

Mac Jones- Starter, entering the year that determines it all. His 3rd offensive coordinator in 3 seasons is not usually an aid to a QB, this case is different. The familiarity between the QB and coordinator is a huge plus. After this season, the Patriots need to decide on Mac Jones 5th year option.

Bailey Zappe- The Patriots got to see much more of Zappe than they wanted last season. In an ideal world, he would've been in the inactive room learner like the late Ryan Mallett in 2011.

RB (3)

Rhamondre Stevenson- Workhorse RB last year because of injuries and lack of trust in the rookie Running Backs. He can fill any role in the backfield, is great in pass pro, and can help grind a clock in the 4-minute offense.

Ty Montgomery- His game is one of the two-player skillsets that translates best to what I saw on the Alabama 2022 film. He can do all the things that ( #12 overall pick-no I'm not putting him in that class) Jahmyr Gibbs. Some run game, flex him out to see if you've got man or zone coverage and he's a Gunner on the Punt Team (see Saints film). You could see him and Stevenson on the field at the same time.

Pierre Strong Jr- Two opposite thoughts come to mind on his 2022 highlight film. He got a terrible, running into the punter penalty in Minnesota for the bad. The good, explosive carry vs Arizona, where we saw what could be. His strong suit would be more outside runs and improving his pass game skills (pass pro). He's a ST contributor

WR (3)

Devante Parker- Outside WR that you play to his strengths. Contested catches, I love his slant routes and red zone threat. If we ever see him lined up between the hashmarks, something has gone wrong.

Tyquan Thornton- We heard about the blazing speed when he was drafted in 2022. The thing we didn't really know is how effective he can be out of the slot. I envision a Will Fuller (Houston Texans under O'Brien) type role in this offense. Use his speed, get it respected with shots early on in the season, and open things up later for other players underneath.

JuJu Smith-Schuster- I'm not going to lie, he was on my non-locks until I looked at the contract. He's been compared to departed WR Jakobi Meyers in skillset but with more YAC ability. Very accurate assessment. I just know in the big spot, he's drawing PI calls in the Super Bowl while Meyers is throwing a lateral to a QB who couldn't outrun anyone.

TE (2)

Hunter Henry- I feel like Henry ran about 58 miles in motion in Patricia's "Offense". He'll be more effective as an Inline TE, getting more favorable coverage matchups. We saw a lot of 12 Personnel in O'Brien's first run through New England, and plan on a lot of 12 in a super amount of formations and personnel groupings.

Mike Gesicki- Player 2 that I referred to as a complete fit from what I saw from 2022 Alabama Offense. Cameron Latu (Alabama now 49ers) was used as TE, Slot and lone WR on 3x1 sets, attempting to dictate coverage and personnel. He sets more of basketball screens than blocks in the run game.

OL (6)

Mike Onwenu (RG) Pay him. You truly didn't realize that Shaq Mason had been traded to the Bucs. Powerful player who can help play OT in a pinch.

David Andrews (C) The Captain of the Offensive line. They need him to be healthy and the glue because I'm worried about OT.

Cole Strange (LG) Just from Alabama film, we'll see Strange athleticism, getting to the 2nd level to throw blocks in the run game. We need Pittsburgh game Strange to emerge in year 2.

Sidy Sow (OL) Along with the next two rookies listed, he's Adrian Klemm clay. The measurables are there to be an OT with the worst case being a talented OL. He's the Tackle on the roster I don't feel is gas station sushi at this point in time.

Jake Andrews (IOL) The torch will be passed at OC to the younger Andrews. Heady player who led at Troy and impressed at the Senior Bowl.

Atonio Mafi (IOL) IOL only who is extremely physical, he comes from a friend of Bill program and Klemm got to see him in the Pac-10. I feel he's the most unpolished of the group at this point.

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