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2023 Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft w/no trades

Here is my current Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft. I only pick for the Patriots in this scenario, as the site picks other teams.

1-14: Kelee Ringo (DB) Georgia- He closed last year's National Championship game with a pick-6. Tonight, he battles Quentin Johnson.

2-46: Zay Flowers (WR) BC- He can play anywhere, and he has incredible yac and playmaking ability. This is a Deebo Samuel-like player.

3-76: Blake Freeland (OT) BYU- Big athletic OT, this position needs to be stocked with new players.

4-106: Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (CB) TCU= The other CB from tonight. I love his ability to cover across the field.

4-116: Jaquelin Roy (DL) LSU- I have a personal philosophy, you should draft this position at some point every draft. He can develop like Sam Roberts did in 2022 or have a role.

5-134: Chase Brown (RB) Illinois- Brett Bielema connection in full effect. He is such a great route runner with vision.

6-182: Brenton Cox Jr (EDGE) Florida- The Pats will look into all aspects of dismissal but like Jack Jones, JC Jackson, and Blount, they take a chance on talent.

6-185: Colby Wooden (DL) Auburn- Versatile D-Lineman who really can be a match-up pass-rusher in the right scheme.

6-190: Ainias Smith (WR) Texas A&M- Speedy Deep threat who can be moved around the offense.

7-208: Ryan Hayes (OT) Michigan- 2nd season in a row with an OT from Michigan in the 7th round. This position needs to be stocked.

7-258: Max Duggan (QB) TCU- Tough winner who leads a team in every possible way. He's never out of a game and plays for National Title tonight.

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