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2023 NFL Draft- Perfect Fits on First Two Nights.

1-25: Dalton Kincaid (TE) Utah to Bills- The Bills' offense changed with Cole Beasley out and an inability to find the guy who could fill the role. This is called adapting. Dawson Knox has become a very good TE but if he went down then what? Kindcaid allows you to run more 12 Personnel rather than 11. How do teams match up? Base, Big Nickel, More corners that you can run at? Great trade-up and pick.

2-32: Joey Porter JR (CB) Penn St to Steelers- I had it mocked a lot at 17, the Steelers get him to start off night two. Physical outside CB, is needed in the AFC to match up against the high-powered Offenses. I had the movie Draft Day vibes with a certain RB who was franchise 2nd generation.

2-45: Brian Branch (DB) Alabama to Lions- They already have this type of chess piece in CGJ. Now to have a second, to learn from him and contribute right away to a defense that needs to get off the field more on 3rd down. The Lions should be able to throw some interesting defensive schemes together with the versatility.

2-55: Rashee Rice (WR) SMU to Chiefs- Mahomes to Rice is going to be scary. Rice has tremendous footwork and comes out of breaks like the elite.

3-67: Drew Sanders (LB) Arkansas to Broncos- The Off Ball LB position has gone the way of RB in the NFL Draft. We can get quality players later. Sanders gives me a young Tedy Bruschi vibe with his ability to cover, blitz, rush, and tackle. This pick was worth the wait in Denver.


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