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2023 New England Patriots 7-Round Mock- No Trades

Here is the Patriots' 7-Round mock with no trades. I'm throwing picks at the big 3 needs OT, WR, and CB. In the AFC, you have Allen, Burrow, Mahomes, Lawrence, and Herbert. They all have weapons. You need to cover, protect and maybe go blow for blow with them. That is what this draft features, ways to get to that point.

1-14. Devon Witherspoon (CB) Illinois- I'd start looking at Illinois as a place the Patriots will get good intel with Bielema as the coach. I'm liking what I see in the arm length, man coverage and he'll bring the wood. Alpha outside.

2-46. Emmanuel Forbes (CB) Mississippi St- Yes, already a double dip (Ohio Players would be proud). Marcus Jones is solid, Jonathan Jones is going to get paid somewhere. Jack Jones is talented but I need to know where this situation stands. This provides you with a young core at the position with a guy in Marcus Jones who is a student, teacher, and probable Captain of this team. Ask the 1999 Packers if this philosophy worked.

3-76: Blake Freeland (OT) BYU- I just have total Nate Solder feel with this player. Give a look.

4-106: Xavier Hutchinson (WR) Iowa St- Iowa State is going to start getting its proper due after Brock Purdy. Matt Campbell is a solid coach, the players come into the league pro-ready and very fundamentally sound. This is what they envisioned when Agholor was signed.

4-116: Chase Brown (RB) Illinois- I spoke on him last week. I see a lot of James White in this player. The way he sets up and runs his wheel route is beautiful.

4-134: Rakim Jarrett (WR) Maryland- SLOT WR TIME. Meyers is going to get paid and be gone. Jarrett has that quick twitch and great feet that just weren't found in picks like Jeremy Gallon, Braxton Berrios, or Tre Nixon.

6-183: Jaxson Kirkland (OL) Washington- It's all about HEALTH with Kirkland. He has played both OG and OT in his career.

6-186: Clayton Tune (QB) Houston- Easy Mac Jones apologists, you should draft a QB every year. I probably watched more Houston football than people who leave the house, I like his fit, and gives me a nice developmental piece.

6-191: Brenton Cox (EDGE) Florida- I love the fact they'll get up close and personal at the Shrine Bowl.

6-209: Keondre Coburn (DL) Texas- I'm looking at 2024 with this pick. A case of the Foxboro flu or inactive game day spreads. I just want him to work on taking two blocks up. He has that kind of strength.

6-257: Jake Moody (K) Michigan- I love good college kickers who play in a place where it absolutely sucks to kick. Home or away.

Any questions or arguments hit me up at @E2gfounder or @E2gSports on Twitter. Our Day 3 pick Draft show will be coming up soon, subscribe to our YouTube.

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