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2023 NBA Draft- 4 Solid 1st-Round Fits on 2 Teams.

Orlando Magic- Anthony Black and Jett Howard (PG and Wing) It is probably a log jam at the Guard/Wing spot but you're building around Paolo Banchero. The new CBA is going to have a huge impact on roster construction and draft picks. Teams were moving around the 2nd round to find guys who can come in and play as UpperClassmen. Suggs, Wagner, and Carter have developed nicely, let's see if we can finally see a young, draft-pick-filled team that can be a playoff team.

Indiana Pacers- Jarace Walker and Ben Sheppard (PF and Shooter) They could both jump in to form a really nice starting 5 with Haliburton, Hield, and Turner. It's a nice mix of skill sets and really plays to Haliburton's strengths. The point, two shooters, a slasher, and a big guy. The ideal way to build it. Good job by the Pacers.

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