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2023 Fantasy- 5 Tight End Sleepers

In Fantasy, you don't get points for blocking, so the guys who utilized in the passing game become the sleeper targets you desire.

  1. Irv Smith (Bengals) The Former Vikings 2nd round pick has dealt with injuries and just not being a good fit in the offense. The Bengals are an ideal spot. Chase, Higgins, and Boyd just draw a ton of coverage and attention. Joe Burrow will have many good mismatches with the athletic, Move TE. His depth of route is something to monitor.

2. Greg Dulcich (Broncos) Another Athletic TE who has a solid WR group to help him. Like Smith, I look at him to take a mismatch and gain big yardage. The new coaching staff is raving about the former UCLA product.

3. Austin Hooper (Raiders) I'm a huge Mayer fan but Hooper is a veteran who can run those routes that complement Adams, Renfrow, and Meyers. Solid Red-Zone guy.

4. Durham Smythe (Dolphins) Gesicki fell out of favor with the McDaniels staff. Defenses need to allocate defenders to the big-play threats, he can get you some volume of catches in games.

5. Chigoziem Okonkwo (Titans) Not a lot of threats in the passing game, he may be the most Athletic Pass Catcher on the rosters. He's a threat to catch passes all over the field along with YAC.

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