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2023 E2G Fantasy Football Playbook Tease- Team Philosophies in AFC East

After our intro, we'll give you our team breakdowns. Before you draft a player, you should know what the system and coaching philosophy is. We have an OL Depth Chart and rankings according to 2 players going down in the game. How do they scramble and keep continuity?

Buffalo Bills

HC: Sean McDermott

OC: Ken Dorsey

DC: Sean McDermott/Eric Washington (Coordinator in Training)

ST: Matthew Smiley

Pass/Run Percentage 2022: 57.2/42.8

Most common Formation 2023- 1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR

Offense when ahead in 4th: More run with Damien Harris as an actual 4-minute type offense RB.

Offense when behind in 4th: Josh Allen with Cooks in the backfield along with Kindcaid, Knox, Davis, and Diggs.

Buddy's Thoughts: Josh Allen is the Engine of this Offense but they will tweak things up. Usually in 11 personnel, the draft of Dalton Kincaid will put them in more 12 Personnel. Kincaid will hit the ground running in this offense, while we figure out how the chemistry of Allen/Diggs is after the offseason. Cook and Harris are a nice backfield combo with either being able to take a higher percentage of snaps any given week. On the defensive side, Matt Milano and Jordan Poyer are two IDP players I'd have ranked high. Von Millers' health situation is one to monitor but they have a lot of EDGE/Pass Rush guys.

Miami Dolphins

HC: Mike McDaniel

OC: Frank Smith

DC: Vic Fangio

ST: Danny Crossman

Pass/Run Percentage 2022: 60/40

Most Common Formation 2023: 1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR or 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 WR

Offense when ahead in 4th: You'll see a lot of FB Alex Ingold on the field as they try to chew up the clock. Mostert is most likely your clock-killing RB with play-action shots a strong possibility.

Offense when behind in the 4th: Hill and Waddle time. Take shots or get them into YAC Situations.

Buddy's Thoughts: If you draft Tua, grab Mike White late as your QB handcuff, so you don't get cut off at the knees. His health is a true concern but the healthy weeks have been good. Hill and Waddle will easily both go over 90 catches and 1200 yards. Mostert and Wilson are so familiar with the system, that they can fill whatever role is needed. On the defensive side, Bradley Chubb, Christian Wilkins, and Jevon Holland are the two best IDP choices.

New England Patriots

HC: Bill Belichick

OC: Bill O'Brien

DC: Steve Belichick/Jerod Mayo

ST: Cam Achord/Joe Judge

Pass/Run Percentage 2022: 56/44

Most Common Formation 2023: 1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR or 2 TE, 3 WR

Offense when ahead in 4th: Rhamondre, Rhamondre, Rhamondre. The Tight Ends will get utilized off play-action also.

Offense when behind in 4th: Ty Montgomery, Hunter Henry, Mike Gesicki, Ju-Ju Smith Schuster, Davante Parker. This group can run multiple formations to find some holes.

Buddy's Thought: Whatever you saw last year, you won't see it again in anything other than a parody. They will show multiple formations and be back to a week-to-week game plan. Who plays OT is the greatest question whether it's LT or RT. Kyle Dugger and Matt Judon are your best IDP choices from the Patriots. Dugger actually brings touchdown value, keep an eye on Marte Mapu. For D/ST, remember you have Marcus Jones and Isaiah Bolden in the return game.

New York Jets

HC: Robert Saleh

OC: Nathaniel Hackett

DC: Jeff Ulbrich

ST: Brant Boyer

Pass/Run Percentage 2022: 60.8/39.2

Most Common Formation 2023: 1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR

Offense when ahead in 4th: Breece Hall carries with some Michael Carter sprinkled in the mix.

Offense when behind in 4th: Aaron in the shotgun slinging. Wilson, Lazard, Cobb, and Hardman all have the potential to be in the mix on a need-it drive.

Buddy's Thought: Breece Hall is coming off an injury but is an absolute stud. Garrett Wilson will become the Davante Adams of this offense. Expect huge (Top 10) numbers from him. The ball will be sprinkled around to others mentioned earlier. Protection at OT is a concern, Mechi Bechton can never stay healthy. For IDP Quinnen Williams is the stud up front but keep an eye on Jermaine Johnson (2nd year-FSU) as a sleeper pass rusher. Sauce Gardner is elite at CB, which means he has little fantasy value because he won't get targeted much.

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