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2022 New England Patriots Schedule updated

Week 1-Sept 11- Pats at Dolphins (Callahan)  1p

Week 2-Sept 18- Pats at Steelers    1p

Week 3-Sept 22nd- Ravens at Pats 1p

Week 4- Oct 2nd- Pats at Packers, 4:25PM (confirmed)

Week 5- Oct 9th- Lions at Patriots 1:00 PM (confirmed)

Week 6-Oct 16th- Pats at Browns (Rumor)

Week 7- Oct 24th- Bears at Patriots (MNF) confirmed

Week 8- Oct 30th- Pats at Jets 1p

Week 9- Nov 6th-Colts at Pats

Week 10- Nov 13th-Bye

Week 11- Nov 20th- Jets at Pats 1p

Week 12-Nov 24th- Patriots at Vikings  Thanksgiving night 8:20 (Confirmed)

Week 13-Dec 1st- Bills at Patriots (TNF)

Week 14- Dec 12th- Patriots at Cards (Geek Seats) MNF- I’ll put up but a little odd

Week 15-Dec 18th- Patriots at Raiders (SNF)

Week 16-Dec 24th- Bengals at Patriots

Week 17- Jan 1, 2023- Miami at Patriots

Week 18- Jan 8, 2023- Patriots at Bills TBD

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