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2021 AFC Division Winners- Outlook for 2022 Cincinnati Bengals

One of my favorite parts of the NFL Schedule is that the Division winners play each other the next year.  The roster turnover, draft picks, and possible coaching staff changes (coordinators from winning teams get hired).  The Bills, Bengals, Titans, and Chiefs will all face each other this year.  My rankings of them going into 2022.

Do I think they have a better roster than the Bills, HELL NO.  Here is what I’ll say, both these teams were put in similar circumstances with different results.  Overtime in the playoffs, defending Patrick Mahomes and the high-powered Chiefs Offense after winning the toss.  One team gave up a touchdown and all we heard for a week was how the overtime rules weren’t fair.  The other makes a DEFENSIVE play on 3rd down with a pick, kicks the field goal, and goes to the Super Bowl.

The Bengals had a fatal flaw that they almost overcame.  How do they answer: La’el Collins, Alex Kappa, and Ted Karras.  They also attacked the secondary in the draft in the 1st, 2nd, and 5th rounds.  Akeem Davis-Gaither will be back from injury at the 2nd level.  The world knows about the offensive skill players but they made a sneaky good signing of a guy who fits seamlessly in what they do.  The

BREAKING: #Bengals have signed TE Hayden Hurst to a one-year deal, per @EnterSportsMgmt. #WHODEY — Cincinnati 💔 (@CincyProblems) March 17, 2022

The need for the Bengals is someone to replace Gio Bernard on 3rd down.  I felt Tarik Cohen was the perfect fit if his health was right.  Let me play GM for your Cincinnati.

They’re the Champs until they get knocked off.  Put some respect on the AFC Champs name and know, it’s not the same old Bengals.

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