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1PW Returns, with A NEW TWIST OF FATE

The UK-based One Pro Wrestling (1PW) will be making a big impact this year on October 1, but the company’s story actually began 17 years ago on that exact date- October 1, 2005. 1PW owner Steven Gauntley had created a company with the intention of satisfying the need of UK pro-wrestling fans for big names and exciting matches on a regular basis, something that they had not yet experienced. The 1,300 fans who were in attendance at Doncaster Dome had a taste of what was to come, as this debut event featured names that were familiar to all fans, such as AJ Styles, Abyss, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Doug Williams, Austin Aries, Low Ki, Steve Corino, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Tracy Smothers, The Blue Meanie, Chris Sabin, Jerry Lynn, and Jonny Storm. If they were a top name and were not signed to an exclusive contract elsewhere, they were in 1PW.

The debut 1PW event even featured a man who you see every week today. His ring name at the time was Sterling James Keenan, but you’re most likely more familiar with him as WWE color commentator Corey Graves.

1PW had gotten off to a great start, and their momentum continued into 2006. At back-to-back events in January 2006 packed with big names and headlined with Sabu vs. Abyss on the first day and AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarret on the second day, 1PW drew 1,700 fans at both events. Their success continued throughout the year, the biggest highlight being their First Anniversary Show drawing 1,785 fans, with Steve Corino vs. Abyss being the main event.

1PW continued to be successful in 2007 and 2008, drawing 1,000+ fans to their anniversary shows. And 1PW DVDs were sold in stores nationwide, further proving 1PW’s popularity. In the following years (and with Steven Gauntley no longer with the company at this point), however, 1PW began experiencing growing pains, which ultimately led to the company closing its doors in 2013 after a number of changes in management.

But now, Steven Gauntley has returned to the pro-wrestling industry. Over the past 14 years that he has been away, there has been plenty of time to learn from any mistakes that were made during 1PW’s original run, as well as create new ideas to improve upon what was done right the first time. And it’s safe to say that 1PW’s 2022 return may be its most successful run yet.


On October 1, 1PW will make its return with A NEW TWIST OF FATE, taking place at Doncaster Arena with a 6:45PM start time, and just as it did in the past, 1PW will present top names of the present day.

– Rob Van Dam (WWE Hall of Famer) – The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (AEW star) – Mickie James (Impact Wrestling star) – British Invasion: Doug Williams (NWA World Tag Team Champion) – British Invasion: Nick Aldis (NWA star) – Ruby Soho (AEW star) – Mark Haskins (former TNA star) – Ace Austin (Impact X-Division Champion) – Ulf Herman (former ECW star) – Cara Noir (former PROGRESS World Champion) – Session Moth Martina (former ROH star) – Alexander Hammerstone (MLW World Heavyweight Champion) – The OJMO Michael Oku (RevPro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion) – Nathan Cruz (former PROGRESS World Champion) – Katie Forbes (former Impact Wrestling star) – Greg Burridge (former 1PW Openweight Champion) – Ricky Knight Jr. (former RevPro Undisputed British Tag Team Champion) – Lizzy Evo (NXT UK star) – Vickie Haskins (former WWE developmental talent) and more

Matches signed so far are:

Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Mark Haskins (w/ Vickie Haskins) 

Mickie James vs. Lizzy Evo

Ruby Soho vs. Session Moth Martina

More matches will be officially announced in the coming weeks and months as we head towards 1PW’s big return event, and tickets can be purchased here for the show and meet & greet session.


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