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12 Kind of Suspended in Angels Mariners Brawl 

Some people just can’t let hockey season go. In the aftermath of the Angels and Mariners brawl on Sunday MLB handed down suspension to 12 people , notice I didn’t say players. Twelve people including Halo’s Manager Phil Nevin and Interpreter ,  Yes interpreter Many Delcampo were told they are sitting down for a portion of the season 

This alternate view of the Angels/Mariners brawl yesterday is award worthy — Calico Joe (@CalicoJoeMLB) June 27, 2022

Here are the Mariners’ suspensions:

 LF Jesse Winker: seven games – SS J.P. Crawford: five games – CF Julio Rodríguez: two games… No Ball boys ? 

And the Angels:

 Manager Phil Nevin: 10 games – 3B Anthony Rendon (currently on IL) five games when he returns and not allowed on Angels’ bench next seven games –  Assistant pitching coach Dom Chiti: five games – RHP Andrew Wantz: three games (not appealing) – RHP Ryan Tepera: three games – RHP Raisel Iglesias: two games – Bench coach Ray Montgomery: two games – Interpreter Manny Del Campo: two games – Catching coach Bill Haselman: one game …. Our interpreter is tougher than yours !

The Angels place reliever Archie Bradley on the IL after he fractured his right elbow during Sunday's brawl, per head athletic trainer Mike Frostad. — FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) June 28, 2022

Shades of Bill Lee right here OUCH

But lets digress, shall we ? Way to put the Hammer Down MLB , this is how we crack down on these Shenanigans. Or is it ? You see in this everyone gets a trophy society that we live in the teams are being allowed to stagger players suspensions.  Such a Joke. Yes i realize you don’t want to use your hammer to nail the fans but let’s be serious here. We are talking about two sub .500 teams. AND 

MLB Loves a Brawl. 

This is the best brawl the MLB has had in a while Full breakdown coming soon — Lukey Beísbol (@lukedontcar3) June 26, 2022

Here we are three days later still talking about this donnybrook,  Talking about baseball , yes folks in an era where MLB more than ever needs to publicize its product. Rob Manfred and his henchmen are wringing their hands behind the scenes as this story carries over into its fourth news cycle. But Manfred even screwed this up.  I’m shocked the suspension came down as quickly as they did . Manfred could have stretched this out for a week or more “ Reviewing The Tapes”  then let the appeals process carry it for another week or even two. Unreal , Why don’t I run baseball ? 

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